Roof Cleaning and Roof Coating imageRoof Cleaning and Roof Coating imageRoof Cleaning and Roof Coating image

Roof Cleaning and Roof Coating

A service that we are getting more enquiries on is roof cleaning and moss removal from homeowners who have realised the detrimental effects moss growth can have upon the roof structure. The increased value in visual appeal of a freshly cleaned and coated roof cannot be underestimated.


STEP 1: Fungicidal Wash/Moss Clear Treatment

Prior to cleaning we will apply a treatment of Fungicial Moss Clear to help remove the existing moss, algae & lichen spores. This will also help to prevent re-growth and minimise further maintenance.

STEP 2: Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning process is by low pressure steam this will remove moss, algae, lichen, dirt and pollutants, we will always ensure that the cleaning is carried out in such a way that no damage to the roof occurs. We will also make sure that during this process to block existing gutters and remove downpipes to ensure the detritus removed from the roof does not block your drainage system.

Step 3: Roof Repairs

After a full and through roof clean has been completed it then gives us the opportunity to fully assess the condition of the roof. Tiles which if cracked or broken will be replaced and if required further remedial work on the valleys, ridges and hips with any mortar replacement and re bedding required carried out at this time.

Step 4 : Application of Roof coating

The pressure washing of your tiled roof has many benefits but with concrete tiles it often results in the removal of the top coat of the tile. This takes on a sandstone look and this look can be preserved with a clear acrylic roof sealer or be coloured from a choice of 5 colours from Smartseal's Climashield roof coating. Once either product is applied then your roof looks dramatically different and is further protected from the elements.

STEP 5: Site Clean

After the roof cleaning is completed, we will clean the property to ensure it is left in the same condition as we found it with all walls and windows cleaned and debris removed from site. 

If you would like us to visit you for a FREE quotation on your roof cleaning or roof coating requirements then please call us on 07512 775339 or alternatively you can make an online enquiry by clicking here.

Our roof cleaning,roof coating or roof sealing service is available throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk including Peterborough, Cambridge, Newmarket, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Huntingdon, Ely, St Ives, March, St Neots